Home Organization Hacks For Families With Young Kids

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Are you looking to get your home more organized and decluttered? You will love these home organization hacks for families with young kids!

Organizing your home isn't always the easiest, but it definitely gets tougher when you have young kids. Things just keep getting dropped in the kitchen and in the living room! If you are struggling with this, here are some great home organization hacks from a mama of four boys.

  • Recycle Old Things You Have No Need For: Try recycling old boxes, makeup kits, reusable bags, brushes and more. One thing to note when you are ready to organize is that a lot of times – depending on your space – you may need to be creative and think outside the box.

Old tin cans can be recycled as pen holders, old boxes can be used as an organizing shelf! We've used magazine folders and even bread boxes to stash toilet paper in small bathroom spaces. It's all about measuring the room you have, planning out your storage and finding solutions that fit.

  • Make Blessing Bags: if you are currently struggling with de-cluttering this might be your best option to ditch things that are still valuable. Churches and shelters always need household essentials and stuff to entertain kids!

A blessing bag is a small ziplock bag where you can pack some of the things you do not need in your home. Examples include clothing, small toys or other objects your kids will never really use again.

This can get tricky because a lot of us are hoarders because for us, things aren't just THINGS, but also memories. If this is you, I want you to know that I absolutely understand the value of your belongings. That said, think of it this way: your memories never go away. That physical representation of it just goes somewhere else to serve and be a blessing to someone else who really needs it.

  • Maximize Use Of The Walls: One of the major reasons why a home with young kids most often looks unorganized is because a lot of things are un-shelved. Use shelves and maximize your wall space, especially for things like your children's books and toys.
  • Use labels: You would be surprised how much change this brings in your home. Kids tend to put things back where they should be more if it's BOLDLY labeled. Label boxes that holds things like snacks, decorations, tools and similar stuff.

This helps everyone play a role in organizing daily and it can also build healthy organizing habits in your kids.

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And if you are ready to organize every part of your home, I have some help for you!

What type of Home Organization Hacks have worked best for you in your home? Did I mention it above? If not, feel free to share with us!

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