Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Sink Organizer Ideas for a Bright, Minimalist Home

We have readers reach out on occasion with questions about our kitchen sink organizer situation. Since we posted about our kitchen hub awhile back, it seems that minimalism in the cooking area is a hot topic! The organization in this space can’t really be contributed to a specific organizer or individual design purchase, though. When it comes to our farmhouse, Nate and I have made a long series of decisions that have contributed to a simplistic space in general. Here are some of our favorite kitchen sink organizer ideas.

Kitchen Hub

Our Kitchen Hub

The kitchen is the hub. The one place in the home everyone can come together and be – for the most part – in the moment. From the ancient dirt-floored and open fire pit kitchens of old to the stainless steel and subway tile backsplash-adorned kitchens of today, everyone is drawn to this hallowed space. And for good reason.