Tiger Shark King Printable Homeschool Worksheet

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This Tiger Shark King printable homeschool worksheet is an easy way to keep kids of all ages focused on the Shark Week episode from the Discovery Channel.

Tiger sharks eat sea turtles

I've shared in our How to Homeschool guide that we rely on streaming shows + our own homemade printable homeschool worksheets for science and history. For older kids, they offer comprehension insights and writing practice. For littler ones, they make for great parent-guided discussion points.

Tiger shark king questions

For this Tiger Shark King printable, I nabbed early access to the show through an early premiere on Discovery GO.

Get the Tiger Shark King Printable now!

  • Where to stream Tiger Shark King? DiscoveryGO
  • What age is this Tiger Shark King printable homeschool worksheet appropriate for? Grade 1-8
  • Example question: How do scientists track tiger sharks?

Note: We offer all of our printable homeschool worksheets free for a week after they go live on the site. After that, we charge $0.99 to cover our creation time and hosting fees. To get upcoming weekly printables for FREE, sign up below! Also, a lot of people ask about our preferred printer. We use the Canon MegaTank so we never run out of ink!

This Tiger Shark King printable homeschool worksheet is meant to be filled out while watching the show. It has 7 simple questions that are appropriate for the whole family, as well as an answer guide.

Our answer guides are thorough, to make it as easy as possible for parents to see that their children understood the premise of the questions and their respective answers. We recommend being lenient with grading and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking.

Tiger shark king printable homeschool worksheet

More Tiger Shark King Fun for Further Learning

  • Tiger sharks fast facts:
    • Life span: over 15 years
    • Weight: 850 to 1400 pounds
    • Length: 10 to 14 feet or more. Prior to seeing a 17-foot shark in deep water on camera in this episode, the scientists on camera referenced a 14-foot tiger shark as being exceptionally large.
  • Tiger sharks are NOT related to the cannibalistic tiger sharks called sand tiger sharks, which eat their siblings in utero.
  • Tiger sharks are among the largest sharks, even matching some of the most infamous species of mega shark.
  • Dr Austin Gallagher – CEO of Beneath the Waves – is the host of the show. He hosts a fascinating podcast all about sharks!
  • If you like worksheets and ocean fun, check out our Moana printable!
  • Learn about fishing with kids to get outdoors and help your children learn about marine life.
  • Take a trip to SeaWorld to get more up-close and personal with aquatic life.

Will your family use this Tiger Shark King printable? If not, what homeschool worksheets would you like? Let me know and I just may create one for you!


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