2022 Tool Gift Ideas with STIHL

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Are you or a loved one (or both) new homeowners? Or perhaps you just love time spent together out in the yard? There's a STIHL gift that will make that time a little more special! From stocking stuffers to “the big one,” here are five gifts to consider for that green thumb or yardmaster this holiday season.

Why STIHL is the BEST

Stihl are the best gas powered and battery powered tools

There is no question that STIHL is the best yard based power tool maker on the market. The iconic orange and gray is recognizable all over the world. It is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, power, and longevity. From residential owners to professional cutters and tradesmen, STIHL is the king everywhere from the garden to the farm and from the yard to the forest. German engineering, American made models, a robust battery powered lineup, high horsepower and long running hours… STIHL makes it all.

First, Dress to Impress

Using stihl bt 131 and stihl clothing

If you know someone that has a passion for mastering all that grows from grass to trees, perhaps they could use a little updating. Nothing makes yard and field work feel bit better than doing it using protection from threads by the iconic brand they love.

Stihl apparel and stihl kma 135r for a christmas holiday gift

Keep their head shaded and back covered with these well designed hats and T's from STIHL. I wear their gear every day outdoors and indoors, from the lawn to the bar (no joke, that shirt above is one of my fave pieces of casual going-out attire!). If you've got someone on your list who loves things like band tees and showing their brand loyalty, don't underestimate the power of a cool shirt!

Tool Gift Ideas to Help Stay In Shape

Stihl 2 in 1 sharpeners are a perfect stocking stuffer for 2022 hoiday gift guide

My guess is that your special someone already has one or more fantastic STIHL products. If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer to help keep their chains sharp and saws cutting quick and easy, consider gifting them a set of STIHL filing tools. From the 2 in 1 filing guides (which I love) to the complete filing kits, there's something simple and useful for any “Motorsäge” enthusiast.

Stihl usg universal chain sharpener holiday christmas gift

If chain sharpening is a regular occurrence for the giftee and quantity is an additional consideration, there's a bigger gift you might want to think about. STIHL's USG Universal Chain Sharpener is the bench-top workhorse that gets those spinning chisel teeth as sharp as possible with a fraction of the usual effort. Dare I say, this might make chainsaw chain maintenance a whole new world of fun.

The Small Chainsaw

Stihl gta 26 chainsaw perfect hoiday gift or christmas gift

When it comes to cutting bushes and branches around the house in the spring or clearing after a small storm, you might not always needed the heavy hitters to get the job done. Sometimes all you need is a quick and easy, battery powered solution. The STIHL GTA 26 is among the top tool gift ideas to get the quick jobs done – and done quietly! Even though it's light and simple to use, it carries all the quality power and punch that STIHL is known for.

Best Quality Tool System

Stihl kma 135r as the perfect holiday christmas gift

For those short on storage but wanting it all, the STIHL Kombi System or KMA 135R is the jack of all trades! It's the breakfast, lunch and dinner of getting jobs done. With a vast array of attachments, no job is left on the “to do” list. If that's not enough, this battery powered tool is also extremely powerful! It's quite possibly one of my favorite STIHL tools.

Getting the BIG Gift

Stihl chainsaws make the best christmas gift guide 2022

No Christmas gift list uttering the “STIHL” name could call itself complete without an actual chainsaw listed. This year – in honor of our brand new home – we're looking at the battery powered STIHL MSA 220 C-B. This is a beast of a saw, with all the cut off of. its gas powered brothers and all the benefits of its electric siblings.

Stihl msa 220 is the best battery powered chansaw for 2022 holiday gift guide

If a chainsaw for the home or farm is something you are considering, then this saw is it. No need to worry about storing for an extended period of time and then needing to start it. This baby fires right up at the pull of a trigger! Just keep that chain lubed, and you'll be cutting for hours.

Which tool gift ideas from STIHL are YOUR favorites?


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