Nate Day

Powerstroke with Goodyear Ultra Terrain Tires and American flag

Adventurous Families Need All-Terrain Truck Tires

Using our family truck, we travel all over the United States’ roads (and off-roads). All terrain truck tires are essential for getting us from point A to point B – via the freeway, city roads and even the occasional backwoods trail.

Beard Care 101: A Family Affair

As a dad, Beard Care 101 is more than just something for me, it’s teaching my sons through example how to care about themselves. A moment to reflect on how they carry themselves, project themselves, and how they feel about themselves. I’m working with Dollar Shave Club to shed light – and hair – on how my personal grooming is a teachable part of life.

man holding native deodorant and baby

Natural Deodorant for Men

We’re currently driving the RV through Texas, and just for the record, it is HOT. Naturally, this is the time when Chelsea decides she wants to ditch most chemicals from our lives and make me switch to a natural deodorant for men.

Truck Bed CAMPER SHELL: What to Know

Chelsea and I use our Ford powerstroke and SnugTop OUTBACK camper shell to explore the western United States with our four sons. This is how we use our truck bed camper shell and why we made the decision to use SnugTop.

Why Pet SHEEP Make Happier KIDS

Enhancing our children’s personal perspective and improving their mental health is a difficult task. We’re making the most of our PET SHEEP and family farm to help bring out the best in our children. Here’s how farm animals make happier kids.

This Pressure Washer keeps our Home Clean

Anyone else ever notice that there always seems to be a summer before the fall? Almost without warning, a winter comes right after that. EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It’s like a conspiracy. Much like the wheels on our adventure truck, the seasons roll round and round. With those seasons come new work that needs to be done. Specifically, work for a pressure washer.