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As the busy parent of a baby and a toddler, I rely heavily on baby food pouches. These things are a Godsend. On-the-go food that doesn't require utensils and can be fed to my baby OR my toddler OR myself if I happen to get hungry? WIN.

homemade baby food pouches supplies

I've had quite a few concerned readers ask about the environmental impact of all the disposable pouches I use (thank you, gentle folk who serve as my unceasing conscience), so I wanted to share my environmentally-friendly solution. We've started using this amazing baby product called the Little Green Pouch. It's a sturdy, reusable baby food pouch that you can fill yourself with whatever homemade or store bought baby food you like.

How we Make use of Reusable Baby Food Pouches

baby food funnel

I cook assorted meats and then blend it with organic fruits and vegetables in my handy Blendtec, pouring it all into the Little Green Pouch packets using a collapsible funnel. Yes. You NEED the funnel. Otherwise you'll just get really messy. Trust me.

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I've found it's easiest to fill the pouches when the base is expanded, so I make sure to open them fully before I get started. Each one holds six ounces, which is a full meal for the baby or a hefty snack for the toddler. I had some older pouches from Little Green Pouch where the seal would pop open once in awhile and leak, but they've made some improvements in recent months and all pouches being sold now have an improved seal that hasn't failed through our extensive toddler stress tests.

Make your own baby food pouches at home by investing in reusable containers. Freezer and dishwasher-safe, BPA and phthalate-free. Can be used with ground veggies and fruit, meat, grains for infant to toddler and up.

I mark them with food labels that dissolve in water (also sold by Little Green Pouch) so I know what's in each pouch. Process them in bulk and toss them in the freezer for an easy snack that thaws to the perfect temperature while you're running errands on a busy day! Best of all, they're BPA and phthalate-free. No weird toxins to pollute the environment…or your sweet babies' little bodies.

Does your family use baby food pouches?