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So true. With kids vs without kids: using a public restroom. #shop
I saw this cartoon over on #MotherFunny and cracked up over the part where the kid's saying hello to his restroom stall neighbor. Yup. Been there.

We're still attempting the whole potty training thing with Some Boy. Sort of. Kinda. There are a lot of obstacles in the way, like public restrooms and the fact that he has NO shame when it comes to peeing on everything from his mattress to his shoes to his little brother.

Thanks for the suggestion, all of you guys who said to just “let him go naked.” Got any other genius ideas?

But we've made a little progress. He's now discussing his bodily functions openly. Very openly. He likes to share the love with complete strangers, too.

Good Morning America appearance #shop

I did a segment representing BabyZone on Good Morning America the other day about the trend of parents putting their pregnancy test results on YouTube immediately (spoiler alert: I'm on screen for about .08 seconds. Don't get TOO excited). The producer wanted to shoot some “B roll” of the family and I hanging out together, and just as we got Some Boy all situated reading a book with us on the couch, he decided that it was the perfect time to tell everyone about his potty habits.

“Pooooop?” he questioned the video guy insistently. “Poop poop poop I go potty poop poop bye-bye in the bathroom poop poop toilet.”

Some Boy stuff all over his face #shop

Needless to say, none of that film got used.

Sidekick #shop
“Did you just pee on my leg or did it suddenly get really warm in here? I'm going to pretend it's the second one.”

Meanwhile, this little guy has a bizarre Houdini talent for going to the bathroom outside his diaper. I'm at a loss with that one.

funny couple #shop

In case you all have forgotten, I just wanted to throw out that there was a time long, long ago when Nate and I used to get dressed up and have nobody pee on us OR tell us about their poo.

drunk subway ride #shop

Except perhaps an inebriated acquaintance or two. And we all like to pretend that never happened.