Potty Training Tips

Self-reliant nighttime routine

Our 4-Year-Old’s Self-Reliant Nighttime Routine

I’ve talked a lot about nighttime routines recently. Having a well-defined evening routine and reliant bedtime is one of the things that helps keep me sane as a parent. I think a lot of us start with the very best intentions, but wind up falling off the nighttime routine wagon and landing in one of two camps: the moms and dads who do everything for their kids at night or the moms and dads who do very little for their kids at night. I remember when I used to babysit, I’d go from a household where a 3-year-old was brushing his own teeth and tucking himself in to a household where a 10-year-old still expected the toothpaste to be smeared on by an adult.

Bedwetting at a hotel

What to do about Bedwetting while Traveling

I kinda just dropped that on ya, didn’t I? Yup. Happy Friday, we’re talking about pee! Seriously, though, this is a question that a LOT of readers have emailed me about. We travel so often with such little kids, and this is the burning issue on everyone’s minds when they’ve finished the potty-training phase and they’re staring down the barrel of a vacation. What if my kid pees on someone else’s expensive, fancy, fluffy white sheets?