mint kitchen drawers

How to Organize Kitchen Drawers Like a Pro

I’ve renovated big and small houses, lived in an RV full-time, and worked in restaurants. I’m a pro at kitchen organization! If you’re wondering how to organize kitchen drawers, here are my tried-and-true tips. Your cooking space will be whipped into shape in no time.

Which Cricut Should I Buy

Which Cricut Should I Buy? A Comparison Chart!

Wondering which Cricut is the best for for your needs? You’re in luck, because I’ve owned every single one of them! I’ll answer the question, “Which Cricut should I buy?” with in-depth discussion about each machine’s features, price point, and capabilities.

Bulk food storage bins on white shelf next to mandarins

Bulk Food Storage in Plain Sight

Are you looking for bulk food storage solutions that work in a REAL home? Here’s the tried-and-true setup we use for our family of six. It’s perfect for dry foods, such as bags of flour and rice. This saves money in our weekly budget, and fits nicely in our tiny home!