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Costa Rica pizote

Pura Vida

The ring-tailed pizote blinks up at me from the base of the stilt-rooted palm. Is this a monkey? A raccoon? An anteater? He buries his … Read more

What to do in Orlando if you aren't going to a theme park

6 Non-Theme Park Things to do in Orlando

There’s a lot more to Orlando, Florida than the theme parks — though we love them! Picture the kids in front of huge outdoor sculptures. Playing in giant water playgrounds. Practicing their team work at regional sports tournaments.

What to do in Orlando if you aren't going to a theme park

I'm Eileen Ogintz, the author of the Kid’s Guide to Orlando and the syndicated column and website Taking the Kids, and today Chelsea and Nate are handing me the reins to help share some savings tips for people looking to visit Orlando this season. I met Chelsea last year at our TMS Family conference. We bonded over a shared love of travel and adventure, and we've had a blast working together since then.

It's the perfect time for a vacation, as many kids head back to school and families or couples with flexible scheduling can take advantage of deals up to half off. September is Magical Deals month, offering a lot of ways to stretch your vacation dollar while learning together and having plenty of fun. It’s actually the cheapest month of the year to visit Orlando.

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borrego springs

La Casa Del Zorro

Us Southern Californians are a stubborn bunch. We're known for our generally good weather year-round and it's true, we have a very hard time letting go of beach side parties and days spent lounging around the pool as the seasons change.

la casa del zorro outdoor

When the weather does start to cool, many of us extend summer as long as possible by flocking to the desert, to locations such as La Casa Del Zorro.

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