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How I (Really) Workout On the Go

I’ve tried SO many ways to workout on the go. There are a zillion articles about this, but it seems like people are really opinionated and personal in their recommendations. Some are all about CrossFit, dropping in to gyms or “boxes” in whatever town they visit. Some are loyal to yoga, insisting that any hotel they book must have an on-site studio or nearby instructors. Nate and I travel so often and in so many different ways, I’ve realized that it’s impossible for me to workout on the go in the same manner every time.

Disneyland Halloween Time

Disneyland Halloween Time with Little Kids

A few readers have emailed and asked if Disneyland Halloween Time is too scary for little kids. I understand the concern: I’ve been to a lot of theme parks and they tend to get a little creepy this time of year! Some go all out with zombies and scare houses. Disneyland Halloween Time is totally different, and it’s actually one of our favorite times of year to go.

What’s in my Football Tailgating Bag

When I went off to college at UCLA, I knew that it would be the start of a whole new world of experiences. Sports were a big deal at school. Coming from a decidedly non-sports family, my first games were in the Rose Bowl where I cheered on this dude named Nate who lived on my dorm floor. Back in those days, my football tailgating bags were built from the ground up out of sheer necessity. Through trial and error, I learned what items I needed to get through a long day. Now that most stadium events have implemented a mandatory “see through” bag policy to speed up security lines, it’s more important than ever that items in that bag be compact and useful.

A New RV Mattress Helps us Get Amazing Adventure Sleep

Getting out and exploring the world is definitely something we identify with. We live for wide open spaces, trees, mountains and streams. It’s all part of our life plan. So much so, in fact, that Chelsea and I recently invested in something to keep us out in the wilds for longer than normal. After a few years of sleeping in a tent, then in the back of the truck, then in a tent on top of the truck (which is still fun), we gave each other permission and bought a 37-foot trailer RV. Specifically, we bought a “toy hauler,” so we have extra space in the back to make the boys a room and to tote toys around. First on our list of upgrades was a new RV mattress – and here’s why.

12 EPIC Reasons to take a Disney Vacation Beyond the Parks

I’m a Disney nut. My childhood memories are filled with Disneyland wonder – but I’m also a fairly independent traveler most of the time. My family likes to camp and go on road trips. I’ve always wondered if it was possible for someone like me to find the adventure I crave in a Disney vacation, sprinkled with some pixie dust. Now that we’ve taken a Disney cruise, visited Aulani, and spent lots of time at the Florida and California resorts, I feel qualified to compare the experiences.

25 Disney Cruise Line Tips to Know Before you Go

Remember when I told you all we were packing for a Disney cruise? Well, we went. And it was awesome! We all felt a little overwhelmed before we left because this was a BIG bucket list trip for us. I decided to take copious notes to share with fellow Disney cruisers who may feel the same way. Here are the in-the-know Disney Cruise Line tips to help you travel like a pro.

Hollywood Sign Hike Tips that Nobody Ever Shares

Chelsea and I met at college in Los Angeles, but in our six years at UCLA we never made it to the epic Hollywood Sign hike. The internet wasn’t as flush with advice back then. Every time we tried asking around about how to get that epic picture, we were given conflicting instructions. We were told that the Hollywood Sign hike required a journey through private property, or it was closed, or it was painfully difficult. Thirteen years later, we decided to finally decipher this trek – with four kids along for the ride. Just like Indiana Jones and his lesser known tale, The Toddlers of Hollywood Hill.