Camping Gifts for Women who Love the Great Outdoors

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Got a lady in your life who likes to hit the trails or stake out the best spot at the local parks? We've got the perfect camping gifts to fulfill her wish list!

Camping gifts for outdoorsy women things to keep her warm comfortable fed and loving the parks

There are a lot of camping gifts out there, and camping accessories can truly be some of the most treasured gifts – if you pick well. The right camping accessory can make all the difference between a good trip and an awesome one!

For people who aren't really familiar with camping gifts, though, the selection can be overwhelming. It's hard to find something that will be useful and also fun to give. From hydration to camp chairs, here are some unique ideas for her next camping adventure.

Functional Camping Gifts for Women

  • A good peshtemal. These lightweight, turkish weave cloths can be used as a scarf, a throw blanket, or a towel. Their versatility makes them one of the very best camping gifts! Super-absorbent and yet insanely fast-drying for easy cleaning and reuse, these are the only towels that we use at home or on the road.
  • Mummyliner. Know a gal who's always cold in her sleeping bag? Yeah, me too. This is the solution. As far as cuddly camping gifts go, this one can't be beat.
  • Venus Snap. This tiny little razor is super tiny, totally cheap, and awesome to have on-hand for that surprise stubble that inevitably pops up and gets annoying when you're romping around in summer shorts or winter thermals. This was featured in our backpacking toiletries guide five years ago and still one of our big go-to picks!
  • Macaroon Brush. Milk + Sass makes this aptly-named little brush that looks like a cookie. Stiff bristles on one side, a mirror on the other, and small enough to fit into any travel bag!
  • A hydration pack. You don't really know that you need one, until you find yourself on a trail in the middle of nowhere, totally parched. Get her the ultimate in water wear with this easy-peasy gift that even the most experience campers will appreciate and use. After all, there's nothing better than a gift that solves a common problem. A simple water bottle can also be a great option for beginners!

Don't forget the gift of skin care, too. This is a BIG one for all campers, both new and experience among the elements. If you're going to the mountains or camping, you can encounter any number of weather situations, as well as abrasions and simple exposure that your skin isn't used to.

Help her bring along some favorite skin care products! These camping gifts can help soothe. You can get her a small travel size of her favorite skincare products in a waterproof pouch or bag. 

adventure scarf

Creative Camping Gifts for Women

If she's had a love of camping for more than a few years, she probably has all the grooming and essentials covered. Get her something beautiful, creative and sentimental like this the McGovern & Co National Park Map Scarf.

Helinox beach chair for camping gift

Camping Gifts for Her – or the Whole Family

  • Helinox Beach Chair. It's compact and easy to fold up – weighing in at just 3 pounds – yet it's oh-so-comfy! The low profile provides amazing support in a relaxing stance, and I've been known to fall asleep fireside in this chair more often than not. With a wider-and-taller-than-usual profile, it can support up to 320 pounds. My husband borrows this on occasion, and my kids and puppy dogs often like to snuggle up in my lap when I'm lounging. It's a little on the pricey side at almost $150, but it's one of those classic camping gifts that never goes out of style.
  • Klymit Kush Inflatable Travel Pillow and Seat Cushion. It's a chair, it's a pillow, it folds down to the size of a soda can! Our family keeps a few of these perfect camping gifts around to prop up our hips when we sleep, to stash under us when we're propped up on a log, or even just to lay our head on during the long road trip to the campsite.
  • A Waterproof Bag. It happens to the best of us: we want to hike to a waterfall, but we also want to NOT drown our cell phone. What to do? Grab this ultralite, totally packable waterproof bag! It folds down barely larger than the palm of your hand so you can stash it in a larger bag, and it's totally reliable with the well-known Catalyst brand behind its construction. The roll-top design makes it more reliable than most zippered backpacks, and its tapered design means it'll distribute weight well across your shoulders in case you opt to stuff it full of a whole day's worth of supplies. Water resistance is extra crucial in the world of camp gear.
Goose Feet Gear down socks

Cozy Camping

Want to get some cuddly camping gifts to ensure a cozy camp adventure? These down socks from Goose Feet Gear are like super-snuggly sleeping bags for your feet!

Classic Camping Supplies

  • Eco friendly camping gear: basically anything stainless steel or reusable is a hit with most campers!
  • Camp Chef cookware or a cast iron camp stove. A heavy duty dutch oven is also a hit with car campers (just steer clear of heavy stuff for ultralight backpackers who have to carry their stuff a long way). You may also find out what cooking gear they already have, and buy a carrying bag to help keep it safe!
  • Bottle opener and sporks
  • Towels to help clean up after all that camp cooking
  • Camp lights, along with tent hooks to help mount them and create easy-breezy hands free game time!

More Camping Gifts and Ideas

Why Give Camping Gifts?

Camping has always been a staple of the adventure loving outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman!). Whether you're using it as a way to get away from work for a weekend or as an opportunity to connect with nature, camping is a great way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Camping is the ultimate recreational experience because it combines all of the BEST memory-making things into one weekend. Camping is about spending time outdoors with your friends and family, enjoying nature, and playing with the things you love.

Camping is a great way to get out of the city for a weekend and live in nature. It's also a great way to spend some time with friends and family. There's nothing like waking up to the smell of bacon cooking as you get ready for a day in nature. And one of the very best parts of summer is camping, so you can basically never go wrong giving camping gifts in any season.

Give Yourself the Gift of Camping

If you're heading on a camping trip this summer, why not give YOURSELF a functional gift? Whether you're going to the beach or the mountains, these gifts will help make your getaway more enjoyable. Camping provides you with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in the great outdoors, making it basically the best self-care gift ever. When you're camping, you can get away from it all by escaping into nature, and experience what it's like to be truly in the moment.

Camping as a Gift for Friends

Even if you're strapped for cash, you can plan a camping getaway as the ultimate gift for friends. Camping is a great way to get away from the city and bond with your friends and family. It's an activity that you can do with friends and family on a weekend getaway in the summer or while traveling during the winter.

More Gift Ideas for Women

There are a lot of people on your holiday list to shop for, so I teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to give you even more great gift ideas! Check out these great gift ideas for all the women in your life. There's something for everyone!

Have you ever given anyone camping gifts? What were your picks, and how did they go over?


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