DIY Beauty and the Beast Family Costumes

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I love Halloween so much. It's the one day each year when I go overboard with craftiness and force all my kids to dress up in whatever costume I deem worthy. In years past we've been minions, zombies and Wizard of Oz characters. This year, we were inspired by the Beauty and the Beast remake to Disneybound and channel our inner French nobility.

DIY Beauty and the Beast family costumes

My Belle outfit is a bridesmaid dress that I dyed yellow with Rit's DyeMore Dandelion color. The Beast took shape by pairing an old blue blazer with a costume jabot and cuffs, a wig and horns. Our unhappy-looking Chip was made with a 20-inch planter, paint and some drain pipe we had laying around. Lumière came together with a gold vest and some flameless candles that I attached to a kids' beret. The toddler would only tolerate a steampunk clock shirt for his role as Cogsworth, and the baby had no choice but to get into character as Fifi with a bodysuit, baby tutu and feather boa.

It's getting more and more challenging to convince the kids to do this as the years go by, so I'm really living it up while I can!

Presenting Lumière and The Beast! These DIY Beauty and the Beast family costumes were easy to create with a few Amazon pieces (and the candles are battery-operated and can be re-used for home decor).

For photos, I was able to secure the smallest candle to Lumière's beret by closing the fabric in between the battery compartment door. For long-term use, though, you'll need some serious super glue.

DIY Beauty and the Beast family costumes. We made the baby be Fifi with a couple easy accessories.

For Fifi, I tucked the feather boa up under the tutu using some safety pins. I could have had the baby be Gaston or the dog footstool, but I couldn't resist the chance to put that little black tutu to use!

I have four boys, you guys, this is a once in a lifetime thing.

This easy Beast costume comes together with just a couple cheap pieces from Amazon.

I could totally get on board with this Beast situation. Just sayin. Nate pretty much rocked his role.

This Beauty outfit and Chip the Teacup were so easy to put together!

For Chip, we cut a chip out of the pot and cut out the bottom so he could slip it over his head.

Cogsworth toddler costume (it's just a steampunk shirt and some brown pants, SO simple!)

I tried to get the toddler to don some gold shoulder pads along with his clock shirt, but the dude was NOT having it. That's alright. In context, with everyone else around him, it makes sense.

DIY Beauty costume

A lot of these outfit components could be re-used, too. Nate's fancy frills could be part of a pirate costume, the horns could be a faun (perhaps for a family rendition of Hercules?), the gold vest could be MC Hammer, and I feel like the tutu could be the beginning of some sort of bug or spiderweb situation.

What is your family being for Halloween?


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