25 Days of Christmas: A Sanity-Saving (Fun!) Printable

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The holidays are upon us already. That's right, it's time for 25 days of Christmas! As a busy mom of four myself, I know how crazy this season gets, so I've whipped up a printable checklist to help you maximize the fun and stay on-track.

25 days of christmas

I'm still elbows-deep in Halloween ideas, but this year's timeline is crazy so we're rolling right along with the punches! Below you'll find a detailed list showcasing 25 days of Christmas activities that we've tried and loved doing with our own family. These are things that have helped us bond over the holidays as well as prepare in advance so we don't feel caught off-guard when it comes to things like Christmas dinner, gifts, things for the kids to do and more.

25 Days of Christmas

Here are 25 days of Christmas ideas to keep you on-track and immersed in holiday fun! From Christmas cookies to decor, crafts, cards and more, your family will delight in cheery food, drink and activities all season long.

How did 25 Days of Christmas start?

For folks who may have wandered here looking for information about the television programming series, 25 days of Christmas is actually a broadcast put on every December by Freeform. It started in 1996, showing classic holiday specials. AMC now runs a “Best Christmas Ever” competitive series.

What will you do with your 25 days of Christmas?


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