DIY Party Hat for a Kid-friendly Celebration

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Update: I originally created this DIY Party hat in 2014 just two weeks after having my third baby! They were such a hit, we've recreated them every year since. Hop on in with some easy supplies. This totally simple, adorable activity is a kid-fave for New Year's Eve, as well as just about any celebration. Who really needs an excuse to party? Not us!

Nate has to work on New Year's Eve this year. Kind of a bummer, but with the new baby still so young I doubt we'd be doing anything too wild anyway. I've decided to lounge around at home with the boys and maybe a couple of family friends. We'll make crafts and do kid-friendly stuff to make it a really memorable year for the little ones! First up on the docket? DIY party hats.

DIY party hat craft for a kid-friendly New Year

My kids are obsessed with the idea of New Year's Eve parties. DIY party hats are absolutely perfect for a little kid-style New Year's celebration. This easy craft can also be a fun birthday hat and birthday party activity in one!

Cheap Party Hats

What's even better is that making your own DIY party hats is a totally cheap activity. If you're planning a birthday party, Christmas party or other holiday celebration party, you might be thinking about buying some plastic drinking cups or paper plates to serve food on. It's a great way to save time and stress, avoiding dishes. And then you can use those same plates, cups and bowls as the base for your DIY party hats!

The hats shown below use paper planters – because that's what we happened to have on-hand, but you can use just about any craft supplies you find laying around the house!

A Hat-Themed Party

Your party is the perfect time to relax and have some fun. With all the planning, preparation, and decorations, it's easy to overlook having a great theme. Why not make it a DIY party hat themed event? Create the whole event around the activity!

Getting Kids to Wear Party Hats

Just a quick note for those of you sitting there like, “how the heck am I supposed to get my squirmy kids to wear a party hat?” Honestly, I've found that kids are much more inclined to wear hats and costumes that they've had a hand in.

And even if they DON'T want to wear it – or it doesn't wind up being the most Pinterest-worthy situation on the planet – it's still a wonderful bonding experience and can make for sun memories. My kids scribble ornaments also aren't the most perfect creations ever, but they're sweet and handmade and genuine. Roll with it!

DIY Party Hat

DIY party hat craft kid craft for a child-friendly New Year (great kid's craft idea to keep them busy while the adults prep food and whatnot)

What I love most about these DIY party hats is that kids and adults alike can have a blast with them. It was fun watching the children come up with their designs, but I'll admit I had just about as much fun with my creation as they did.

DIY party hat craft for a kid-friendly New Year

Ready for your party hats tutorial? For these DIY party hats, you'll need some artificial greenery/feathers/silk flowers (the kind that is on a pick for potting) or crepe paper, markers or paint pens, papier-mâché mini pots and elastic for chin straps.

DIY party hat craft for a kid-friendly New Year

Let the kids go to town coloring the pots, which will serve as the main structure of your DIY party hats.

DIY party hat craft for a kid-friendly New Year

You'll need a strong skewer or small screwdriver or drill to poke holes in the top for the greenery. The kids may need a little help securing their decorations by gluing on the underside / bottom of the hats. A hole punch can come in handy for this party, too, depending on the size and shape of your hat. If it's a cone shape, that's definitely the way to go!

DIY party hat craft for a kid-friendly New Year

The kids can poke their chosen feathers and flowers into the top for DIY party hats that reflect their own personal style. Decorate the hats however you like for the MOST fun party hats on the block!

DIY party hat craft for a kid-friendly New Year

Sidekick's crowning achievement is on the left. I had to help him a little with the leaves, but the glittery balls were all his own doing. If your kids love getting fun and festive, you might also consider handing them a bunch of baubles and let the kids decorate for the holidays!

3-step easy party hat. Such a fun craft for kids!

People keep asking if I'm going to keep trying for a girl to do girly things with, but I don't really get it. I've obviously taught my boys a love of pink feathers and sparkly things. What more do I need?

Check out our Cricut Hat template if you're looking for more DIY party hat fun!

Have you ever made a DIY party hat with your kids?


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