Ghost Eggs are An Easy, Healthy Halloween Snack

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Halloween Ghost Eggs

These Halloween ghost eggs are SO easy and are a huge hit with kids. Some Boy's gotten to the point that he's starting to get picky about what he eats. Doing cute things like drawing faces or designs on his food with edible markers keeps food fun and interesting. It also helps keep me sane at snack time, which is a challenging task when you're wrangling a 1-year-old!

Halloween Ghost Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs plus a food dye pen. That's it. These things are so ridiculously simple. To get them to stand upright, you'll want to quickly de-shell the eggs after boiling them and then set them all upright in tupperware containers while they're still warm. Since the eggs are still a little “smushy” in that state, they'll sink down and create a nice, flat little base that will help them stand upright on a plate. If they're still not standing totally upright, simply use a knife to cut a jagged edge around the bottom.

As far as how to best draw faces on the slick egg surface, paper towels are your friend! Older kids may want to get involved in this process with different colored pens. They can make dracula ghost eggs, Frankenstein ghost eggs and more! This can also be a fun idea around Easter fo ready-to-eat pre-peeled egg snacks.

Ghost eggs would be a fantastic treat for a Halloween party, and other parents will appreciate the inventive alternative to the usual sugary snack that kids tend to gorge on throughout October.

When I tell them that the eggs are fresh from our backyard chickens, they want to gobble these up even faster! We actually have a total overage of eggs lately. Since the chickens produce seasonally – slowing down when the weather gets really cold or hot and laying more when it's nice and comfortable for them – I'm always looking for an excuse to do something cute with the eggs when we have that sudden excess. Easter's always a good time for egg crafts, too, since the weather starts warming back up and everyone's looking for cute egg ideas to keep the Easter bunny entertained!

Other Halloween Snack Favorites

I've actually seen quite a few healthy Halloween snacks lately that I'm loving. Try laying out a vegetable platter with carrots in the shape of a jack-o-lantern or celery sticks in the shape of a skeleton. Carve oranges like little pumpkins and fill them with fruit for a fun treat, or wrap hot dogs with crescent rolls for “mummy dogs.” Snack sticks can be made in the shape of bones, or try dipping bananas in white chocolate or coconut flakes with raisin eyes for banana ghosts. Dye popcorn green for Frankenstein popcorn, or get really creative and carve squiggles into a honeydew melon and fill it with red dye or thickened juice for “melon brains.” Or how about some old-fashioned bobbing for apples? Give our spooky Snoopy doghouse treats a go, or make these adorable jack-o-lantern fruit bowls with Red Vines and some apples and fruit!

You can draw inspiration from all sorts of Halloween fixtures: ghosts, witches, spiders and more. Be creative, and ask the kids for their ideas, too!

What do you think about the simplicity of ghost eggs? Easy enough that anyone can do them! Do you have any other fun ideas for healthy Halloween snacks?


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  1. I’ve been making boiled egg ghosts for years to give out for Trick or Treat, leaving them in the shells, of course, and drawling ghost faces on them. Just had Trick or Treat tonight. I put out 35 egg ghosts, and only had 2 leftover. I also put out apples & bananas along w/ a ton of candy & some little packs of pretzels & cookies. One little girl only took a banana!

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