A Tour of our Laundry Area

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This post is sponsored by The American Cleaning Institute.

We still have that quirky outdoor laundry shed that I told you guys about a while ago, with no plans to bring the laundry machines back inside. We get emails asking us how we feel about this setup every few days, and the answer is that we love it! We’ve gone full steam ahead converting the old indoor laundry area into a master bathroom, and our whole family has easily adjusted to using the space opposite the washing machine as our new home stockpile. Since so many people have asked to see the other side of the room where the magical washing and drying stuff happens, we’re bringing you into the mix. It’s time to see how we store ALL the things. Come along and tour our laundry area!

The first big change you may notice is the pair of chest freezers next to our Speed Queen machines. I had initially put a family heirloom work table there, but I got sentimental and worried about potential damage from it being by the washing machines. I found the perfect place for it in my office while we were renovating. Nate also made the logical argument that food storage space trumps work table space in our family, EVERY TIME. The man has a point, and I do have that big work space behind me to fold on…if I ever manage to clear it off.

Tour laundry area

For now, most of the folding and organizing happens right here, on top of the washer and dryer. I had initially thought about getting a pedestal so that I didn’t have to bend over as far to load the machines, but this is honestly the perfect height to get some serious work done.

Laundry area storage

It’s also just high enough that our stomachs easily clear it and we have direct access to the storage shelf up above. You can see we’re a finicky bunch when it comes to laundry chemicals. It’s quite the assortment of detergents, bleach and stain removers up here. I essentially have a custom combination of solutions that I use to pre-treat depending on the type of stain, how long it’s set, fabric, etc. I’m like the Bubba Gump of detergent.

Laundry area storage with a high shelf for the detergent and bleach

Nate has zero patience for all of that. He pops a laundry packet in with the clothes and calls it good.

Laundry area high shelf with bottles

At one point, I attempted to keep cute baskets up here to match the storage on the other side. Nate and I found that it was kind of a pain to have to reach into a basket to get the laundry stuff, though. It’s easier to just pick and choose, directly swiping a spray-n-wash container, laundry packets, essential oil or other necessity from the shelf. We actually found that when the stuff was in baskets, we had a natural inclination to bring them down and set them on top of the washing machine to rifle through them. This is no bueno, because we inevitably get distracted. It could be really serious if one of our kids got ahold of those chemicals. So, the baskets had to be reserved for just the household soaps and rags on the other side of the shed.

Keep laundry packets up sign

Speaking of which, we actually went ahead and got a free cling from the American Cleaning Institute to remind us to keep those packets up. The institute educates consumers about proper usage, storage and handling of liquid laundry packets to help reduce the number of accidental liquid laundry packet exposures. There’s a ton of helpful tips from them on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #PacketsUp. It seems simple enough to keep containers closed and up, away from kids, but exhausted parents can easily forget. Watch this video filmed from toddler-height to see what I mean. These free signs that ACI has made available on the PACKETS UP! website can go a long way in keeping your home safe. And did I mention that they’re FREE?

Laundry area storage up close

I just installed a retractable clothesline that goes from the doorway area across the laundry machines, too. I’ll show that off in a future post. You’ll want to stay tuned for that, it’s REALLY handy when it’s time to wash underwear!

What does your laundry area look like?


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