Valentine’s Day Mistakes To Avoid

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Valentine's day is almost here! With the rush and pressure the society has placed on this day, people are always bound to make some mistakes. That's why instead of making a list of gifts you could get, I will be sharing my list of Valentine's day mistakes to avoid. Hopefully this helps you minimize any mishaps!

Valentine's day originated from a western Christian feast that honors two early saints named Valentinus. It's a day that is recognized all over the world as a day to celebrate love and romance. On this day for many couples and families, however, the love part is often left out.

Families and couples tend to focus on creating impressions, buying expensive gifts and every thing EXCEPT the fact that it's a celebration of love.

Here are some Valentine's Day mistakes you are probably already making and might want to avoid:

Thinking Valentine's Day is February 14th

In terms of planning, it starts WAY before that. In fact, it should be every day! If you only wait for one day in a year to love and celebrate romance in your home, then you are making a huge mistake. All through the year, before February 14th, be intentional in your display of affection.

Be romantic. The little things matters the most. Go on date nights, leave sticky love notes where your spouse can find them. If you are a busy couple, a lot of times simple things like a home cooked meal can go a long way to say, “I love you.”

When you take deliberate action to show your love, then Valentine's Day for you and your spouse will always turn out perfectly. Then, when you do anything on that day it will truly feel like a celebration of love.

Not Considering the Kids' Valentine's Day

Outside of celebrating romance on Valentine's Day, there is still a bigger celebration of LOVE. I highly suggest you include your kids in this.

Kids will learn how to love from what they are taught by their parents. Parent love is the first kind of love a child experiences, and that should be celebrated too.

Find creative ways to include your kids in some of the day's activities, especially with the exchange of gifts. It goes a long way to teach kids that love should be celebrated every day and in every way possible. Love is not just the romantic type between two people, but the love shared between our friends and family in general.

Printable valentines are always a fun way to include the kids! Check out these fun ones:

Expensive Valentine's Day Gifts

You may like to think that your partner loves the expensive gifts you get them for Valentine's Day. Truth is, they'd love something else more: your love and attention.

Failing to Budget

This is a huge Valentine's Day mistake that almost everyone makes. Avoid spending unnecessarily in one day. Again: it's about love and not money.

Instead of spending too much dining out, try making some fun treats at home!

As a mama of four that has been married for almost a decade, I can tell you that my family has tried going the route of expensive gifts. It's not great for your long-term goals. A lot of times, couples end up spending too much because they want to prove a point. Break that cycle – before you pass it on to your kids.

People rarely remember what you gave them for Valentine's Day five years ago. They will NEVER forget how you made them feel.

My point with this post is to focus more on your family and loved ones than any other thing. If you are able to avoid these Valentine's day mistakes, then everything should turn out perfect for you!

What are you doing to avoid Valentine's Day mistakes this year?

If you plan to stay indoors you might want to check out my list of awesome date night ideas for busy couples. I have another list that's totally dedicated to cheap date night ideas, too.

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