Mummy Candy Bars

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Last year, a clever neighbor gave me a candy bar wrapped up like a mummy. I squealed, “Oh my gosh, this is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!” and then promptly unwrapped our friend King Tut the mummy candy bar, ate him, and stole the idea for my blog.

mummy candy display

You're welcome. I mean, obviously this is precisely what the world needs now. Mummy candy bars. Easy crafts that can be whipped up in a flash!

These would be absolutely perfect to pair up with our DIY candy bats. Picture cute bats clutching adorable little mummy candy bars. I can't even sum up the adorableness of this concept! Perhaps we could craft some of the mummy candy bars into little frankensteins, with adorable hair and little plugs in its' neck. I'll leave you all to it.

How to Make Mummy Candy Bars

mummy lollipop

Any candy makes a good mummy candy bar. I've seen the idea even done with lollipops! You just need googly eyes, scissors and surgical tape (or washi tape or masking tape…I happened to have surgical tape around because I have boys and boys are dangerous, scary creatures).

how to mummify a candy bar

Affix the eyes and then wrap…and wrap….and wrap some more. I'm planning to make some mummy pumpkins with a similar process here soon. And perhaps some mummy apples. Afterall, I have a kajillion googly eyes and all of the surgical tape on the planet. Because, again, boys. Children in general lend well to these sorts of repurposings.

mummy candy bar

The mummy candy bar idea can be effectively executed on just about any candy with a flat(ish) front and back. Heck, if you've got some flexible tape and a variety of googly eyes, you can get really crafty and innovative with the innovation. This Jolly Rancher package-turned mummy totally reminds me of Beaker from The Muppets. If you're a fan, you should definitely check out our Muppets Gonzo Piñata, too!

Turn your candy bar into a mummy

My favorite bars for this project are Kit Kats or plain old Hershey bars because A) they taste chocolatey and delicious and B) their long slender size make them look kind of like people. I love the idea of taking favorite candy bars and personalizing them for the seasons. Next I plan to make some cute Halloween candy bar labels.

These cute bar mummies are a great idea for Halloween parties, too! All you need are some chocolate bars, and crepe paper could be used as a stand-in for the surgical tape. If your googly eyes aren't already adhesive on the back, glue dots can easily solve that problem in a flash. It's all about being flexible and creative when you have limited supplies and limited time! I especially love this craft because it's good for all ages, totally inexpensive, and customizable for any preferences.

Ever made mummy candy bars? How do you dress up your Halloween treats?


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  1. Super cute idea. I am going to make some for my co-workers, and let think I am creative and innovative. Little do they know my secret weapon of a niece.

  2. Oh my gosh, Chelsea, these are so cute! And yes, that Jolly Rancher totally reminds me of Beaker; he’s so cute! lol Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week’s issue.

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