Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costumes

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We've gone all in on this theme this year. To take things to the next level, we got Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costumes that double as decor!

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costumes for the family

We've already covered our love for Jack and Sally in our posts about our Nightmare Before Christmas sign, and OF COURSE they made the cut for our Halloween Movies for Kids to Stream. Mr. Skellington (or “Skeleton Jack,” as our youngest fondly calls him) has also been a favorite at Disneyland Halloweentime and Disney Holidays. It only seemed fitting that we get some Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costumes!

Halloween Costumes as Decor

Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor costume

Unlike with previous family costumes, this time around I ordered a whole smattering of options – avoiding specific sizes as much as possible. The boys have been changing their minds more than usual, and I honestly expected them to do the same this time around. offered to send us some stuff to feature so I asked them to send over a Jack Skellington costume, Sally costume, Zero dog costume, Mayor kit, Lock, Shock and Barrel masks and a Jack Skellington puppet.

Nightmare Before Christmas Zero decor

Two of the kids nabbed Lock and Shock immediately. The baby instantly seized on the (adult-sized) Jack Skellington costume, which came with an adorable little coat with tails (along with sleeves that I folded up), a costume t shirt thing that served as sort of a tie-on lapel tucking into the coat, the Jack mask and the classic bat bow tie. The fourth kiddo chose the dog costume – Zero – as opposed to being left with Barrel, which seemed a more obvious choice to me. That left myself as Sally, and Nate as the Mayor. It also left the dog in-luck, snoozing by the fireplace during our photoshoot.

As for my Sally makeup, I just blotted on a little extra pale powder and drew jagged stitch marks going up my cheeks from the corners of my lips with eyeliner. I thought a Sally dress might be hard to pull off, but this patchwork dress from absolutely fit the bill! I also loved that it was fairly loosely-fitting with a tie in the back, so it would likely fit a wide range of people. Best of all, it came complete with a wig and gloves to make my arms look like they had her stitched-up characteristics. Overall this little kit makes for the perfect, complete Sally Nightmare Before Christmas costume and accessories.

Lock Shock and Barrel masks

The Barrel mask wasn't to be left unused, though! She found her long-faced place atop a pumpkin, next to her fellow mischief-makers. While they usually live in Halloween Town, I think they look pretty comfortable here and are the perfect backdrop for trick-or-treating. Afterall, nobody throws a Halloween party quite like Tim Burton. We may even use our movie projector to screen the movie outside for passers-by.

Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes as a Party Backdrop

Collectively, this motley crew now greets all visitors to our front porch as our Nightmare Before Christmas decorations. Seeing as how our Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costumes can actually find a place during All Hallows' Eve AND Christmas, I'm inclined to let them remain there for the duration. Afterall, our family celebrates Halloween early AND late.

Jack Skellington puppet

As for our Jack Skellington puppet, he got lots of playtime with the kids and eventually landed in his rightful position in a Christmas sled amidst the other Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costumes. Bow ties like his are a special sight, and deserve to be on full display! We used a dowel to hold his arm up in a wave, greeting the neighborhood, and costume wire propped his legs up in a ready-to-fly position as only pumpkin king can do.

Our blow-up Oogie Boogie was the first in our eclectic collection of Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costumes, and he remains standing in his usual, upright position.

What do you think of our Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costumes?


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