DIY Peter Pan Family Costumes that are Cute and Cheap

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Our family likes travel and movies and we LOVE Disney, so we were stoked that our Disney Cruise Line trip gave us the perfect opportunity to marry that all together! Disneybounding is one of our favorite pastimes, and we decided to channel some fun silver screen characters for pirate night. There was a little sneak peek of our outfits in our post about what to pack, and now we're laying out all the details for these Peter Pan family costumes.

Peter Pan Family Costume Shopping List

DIY Peter Pan family costumes

Most of the stuff used for our Peter Pan family costumes were items that we could easily use again or wear as plain clothes on a regular day. We simply browsed Amazon for stuff that was trendy, compact, and fit with our theme. Since we were traveling, we needed stuff to be as functional and multi-purpose as possible!

Peter Pan and his Shirt

Peter Pan family costume with an ironic shirt

Our oldest dude generally WILL NOT do costumes of any sort, so we kept it simple for him with this graphic “I Never Land” tee and a versatile alpine hat that can also be used for a variety of other costumes like Robin Hood, German Lederhosen and more.

Tic Toc and his Clock

Peter Pan family costume Tick Tock Croc

What could possibly be more adorable than a toddler in a crocodile costume? A toddler in a crocodile costume wearing a giant clock around his neck! As a super-duper added bonus, the clock can also lend well to an Alice in Wonderland white rabbit costume or a Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth outfit.

John Darling and his Umbrella

Peter Pan family costumes John Darling

John Darling wears a big white nightie throughout the movie, but I didn't think my kindergartener would be on board with that. For our DIY Peter Pan family costume we grabbed an oversized white shirt, a black kids umbrella and used a top hat that this dude bought at a theme park years ago (but here's a hat that's similar!).

Michael Darling's PJs

Peter Pan family costumes Michael Darling

I couldn't find a pink onesie fit for a three-year-old, but this long john set fit the bill perfectly with a tiny teddy bear.

Smee and his Hat

Peter Pan family costumes Smee

A Santa hat and a striped blue shirt are all that's needed to make Smee, Smee! We got the shirt at JCPenney, but there are some good blue striped shirt options on Amazon as well.

Wendy's Blue Dress

Peter Pan family costumes Wendy

I could have grabbed a blue ribbon for my hair if I was in an ambitious mood, but I felt like this blue dress basically summoned all the Wendy vibes we needed to round out our Peter Pan family costumes. Bonus: it has pockets!

Pirate Night outfits

I was pretty stoked that we were able to track down Captain Hook on the ship to get our picture with him. He sure was scared of our little Tic Toc, though! Makes sense, I suppose, since that crocodile stole his hand.

Would you ever dress up in Peter Pan family costumes? This movie has so many characters, it's easy to mash them together and channel them into your own vibe! You could even incorporate the lost boys, a mermaid and more.


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