Easy Recipes

Sausage bites

Sausage Bites Straight out of Little Italy

These savory sausage bites are a perfect pairing of meaty sausage with melty cheese. The Italian flavor packed into these petite packages was inspired by San Diego’s Gaslamp district, a historic region known largely as the seaside spot where fine diners and club-goers comingle. The Italian charm in the area has recently localized quite a bit into the adjacent region known as Little Italy.

Make a Macaroni and Cheese Bar

I’d categorize myself as a pretty decent cook, but I run out of ideas just like any other parent. Sometimes, a quick fix is where it’s at! I love taking boxed or frozen meals and adding my own flair to keep things interesting and easy. Mac and cheese is a longtime favorite around here, so for a recent summer party I decided to mix things up with a macaroni and cheese bar.