Easy Recipes

People who love to eat are always the best people. Our easy recipes will help you serve a crowd in a moment, or feed your big family at the drop of a hat.

Emoji dessertsvideo

Emoji Desserts and Pumpkin Mousse Cups

I haven't been able to work with my hands enough lately. I love getting in the kitchen, digging into a craft or a tutorial and creating something. So I set aside a day to get back to that, and this was the result. Emoji desserts and pumpkin mousse cups!
Mandarin Bruschetta

Mandarin Bruschetta with Prosciutto and Mozzarella

My 6-year-old is quite the little chef, so I often to set aside time to cook up fun creations with him. This is a...
Bacon Avocado Roll-Ups with Honey Mustard

Bacon Avocado Roll-Ups with Honey Mustard

School is starting back up! For us that means that at about 2pm every Monday through Friday we have a preschooler, transitional kindergartener and a 1st grader all rolling through the door demanding food at once. That and telling the legends of the playground. Very similar to a show involving dragons, armies and intrigue...just smaller.
Healthy lunch foods with the kids

14 Healthy Lunch Foods to Stock up On

It's back to school time here! People frequently ask how the kids manage school when our business requires a lot of family travel. I shared some of our frustrations and schooling solutions last year. We've taken a blended approach by keeping our son in public school and using the district's contract learning program when we feel it's appropriate, opting out of certain things that don't work for him and supplementing with our own curriculum at home. There were a few bumps along the way, but we got into an awesome groove by the end of the year. We've been continuing our at-home lessons through the summer and it's been such a joy. Sometimes I really do think that I could teach them myself.
Red wine and ketchup BBQ sauce

Red Wine and Chipotle Ketchup BBQ Sauce

There are a lot of tasty things you can do with BBQ. One of the great things about BBQ is that even with very little experience, you can make it your own. There are burgers, dogs, big sausages, fish, chicken, vegetables, and on and on. Basically, anything that suits you is possible.

Family In A Bun

The simplest way to explain how and why we started a blog is the hot dog. Stay with me here. Yes, sir. We actually started Someday...
Rosemary Grapefruit Gimlet - made with fresh rosemary syrup, grapefruit, lime and gin

Rosemary Grapefruit Gimlet

Nate doesn't drink. And as much as I love a good glass of wine, I'm not one to bust open a whole bottle for myself...
Puff Pastry Chicken Pockets

Puff Pastry Chicken Pockets

I'm on a roll lately with food in various iterations of pockets, pouches or packets. Roll a meal up in a convenient, portable presentation...
Parchment packet sesame salmon

Parchment Packet Sesame Salmon

Parchment packet cooking is my JAM lately. I swear I could make breakfast, lunch and dinner in a parchment packet. The best part is that my...
Egg and cheese croissant rolls

Egg and Cheese Croissant Rolls

These egg and cheese croissant rolls are so easy, a kid can make them. And if you have kids, I guarantee these'll go fast...