Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

We Put a Bed in our Living Room and Here’s What Happened

We’re still renovating our farm and our house, and our current big project is putting a bathroom in the master bedroom. There’s a lot going on in there. Plumbing, tile, demo. The works! Nate and I can’t sleep in there while all that’s going down, so we had to find an alternative. We thought about sleeping in one of our offices (too close to the back door), the playroom (too messy) and the boys’ room (too stinky). The solution? Putting a bed in our living room.

Christmas Storage Solutions for an Easier Season Next Year

Why yes, I AM just now getting all this Christmas junk put in storage. Leave me alone.

7 Things I’ve Learned from Farmers

Learn from farmers
I've received a couple messages on Instagram lately asking what my DEAL is with farmers. "Are you a farm family?" one curious follower asked. "I've noticed you post pictures of goats and tractors, but you also travel a bunch soooo I'm wondering how that works." It's true that my love of homesteading and my love of travel are in direct competition with one another. Such is life when you're the daughter of a flight attendant and grew up in a farming neighborhood!

How to (Quickly) Decorate around a Hot Tub

Awhile back, we told you all how we installed our own hot tub. As we explained then, it was kind a sudden swap-out. We were expecting some huge endeavor, so we kept putting it off. When the time came, though, we were surprised at how simple it was! It arrived, got plugged in, and was ready for action within hours. The only thing left to think about was how to make this oh-so-luxurious hot tub fit in with our farm house vibe.

This Amazing Outdoor Laundry Shed keeps Grime at Bay

The outdoor laundry room we've been working on for months is finally done! I'm utterly smitten with this new area of our home, and it's quickly become the command center for all of our family's activity. We pass by this room on our way in and out. It helps us keep all the dirt and grime where it belongs as opposed to getting tracked in the house on its way to the sanitation station!

9 Bengal Cat Care Essentials for a Feisty Feline

Nate and I have an outdoorsy home with a bit of a wild side. In case the big dog, the axe on the front stoop, and the chainsaw carving of my face didn't make our lifestyle glaringly obvious...we also went ahead and adopted Moby.

How to install a Hot Tub Anywhere. Seriously, Anywhere.

When we bought our house, it came with a hot tub. The sellers made it part of the deal that they could leave said hot tub where it sat, and we soon learned why. It was dead as a door nail from day one! There was something wrong with the overly-complicated electrical setup, and soon this massively-heavy beast of a machine was acting as a makeshift sanctuary for wayward frogs and snakes. It HAD to to be replaced, but we didn't have a ton of money for this task or the first clue about how to install a hot tub.

Deodorizing a Kids’ Room by getting everything in its Place

Kids room deodorizing
Dealing with smells caused by diapers and laundry from four boys all born in 5 years is NO JOKE.

Wait, Don’t give up on Front-Loaders Yet!

Top-loader washing machine
We're still working on our outdoor laundry room, and I can't WAIT to unveil the final project and share how we made it happen from start-to-finish. In the meantime, we've received a few questions about top-loaders versus front-loaders. So let's get technical, shall we?

A Clean, Catch-all Entryway

Entryway renovation
We're rolling right along with renovations on our little farm house! For our latest update we decided to make a clean, catch-all space in our entryway so we'd have a place to put jackets, purses and little notes to ourselves about things we need to take care of before the next time we run out the door.