Mo Willems pigeon costume eye

Mo Willems Pigeon Costume

Do you guys read the Mo Willems books? It’s Pigeon’s 16th birthday this month! Or BIRD-day. Hehe. We’re working with Disney Book Group to bring you a fun Mo Willems Pigeon costume to help celebrate.

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9 Reasons to Homeschool

Free time, family connection and deeper learning opportunities are things we get to enjoy with our kids at home. Here’s a detailed list of our reasons to homeschool.

Addressing Learning Differences at a Young Age

I’ll never forget the day that my oldest son’s preschool called me in to talk about addressing his “learning differences.” As an involved parent and a former teacher, I was acutely aware from infancy that he processed things differently than his peers. I was just surprised to hear someone else acknowledge it. Worry wasn’t top of mind during that conversation, when they suggested we have him assessed by the county for an IEP and start making minor adjustments to his day at the learning center.

I was relieved to be getting help.

I Can Read! Mighty Truck Handprint Craft

Sidekick is going from transitional kindergarten (TK) into kindergarten this year, and I couldn’t possibly be more excited! TK was an amazing opportunity for him to get a jump on school. He knows his first 100 sight words, and he can sound out ones he doesn’t know.