How I Say No

How I Say No to Pretty Much Everything like a Total Boss

I’ve been trying to read this Year of Yes book, and I just can’t get on board with it at all. I was chatting with a friend over coffee the other day, talking about how it’s easy to get bombarded with life, become completely overwhelmed and burn out. Like many parents, my phone is a persistent nightmare zone of requests from school, church, our community groups and work. If I said yes to everything, I would lose my dang mind!

Sensory Tubes for Story Time

DIY Sensory Tubes for Story Time

This kid. He loves story time, but his version isn’t quite as subdued as I’d like. When he asks for a bedtime story, I have visions of us snuggling up together, pointing out the characters and discussing the objects on the pages. In reality, he dances circles around the room and acts out the various scenes while I run a loud monologue over the various sound effects created by him and his three brothers.

A day on a small farm

Moving through a Day on our Small Farm

New friends are often fascinated when they find out that we own a small farm. I always feel the need to jump in and clarify, explaining that it really is very small with just a few goats and sheep and chickens. People are still full of questions. “You travel so much, though! And you have four kids! How do you find time to manage it?”

Entryway renovation

A Clean, Catch-all Entryway

We’re rolling right along with renovations on our little farm house! For our latest update we decided to make a clean, catch-all space in our entryway so we’d have a place to put jackets, purses and little notes to ourselves about things we need to take care of before the next time we run out the door.