strawberry flat

Goat Cheese Valentine Strawberries

I’m obsessed with goat cheese and strawberries, which is why you’ll find both fully-stocked in our home at all times. We used to grow strawberries in our garden in Washington when I was a kid. There is nothing like a fresh, juicy, plump red strawberry plucked right out of your own backyard. Combine that delicious fresh fare with nature’s best cheese product in the form of luscious, creamy goat cheese and what do you get? Goat cheese Valentine strawberries. The most amazing little bites of deliciousness that has ever graced your tongue.

Greek Yogurt Bon Bons from Someday I'll Learn

Greek Yogurt Bon Bons Recipe

Nate and I have been obsessing over Game of Thrones lately. Once or twice a week a new DVD of episodes comes in from Netflix, and we celebrate with TV dinner and some Greek yogurt bon bons on the couch.

107 Gluten Free Snacks for Movie Night (or any other time)

Remember the days before parenthood? When you would actually go out into the world and eat at a restaurant and see stars on the BIG screen? I always liked to seek out movie theaters with extra-decadent snacks. You know, the ones with cinnamon rolls and bon bons. Man, movie night’s changed for us in the last couple years! Our theater nights have been replaced by couch-lounging afternoons, and since I’m trying to minimize gluten in our diet, those treats are now gluten free snacks.