Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

Getting Rid of Parvo after your Dog gets Sick

Getting rid of parvo
We recently brought a new pet into our lives! Please welcome Moby, the Bengal cat. We put a pause on getting any more house pets after Bjorne almost died of parvo. I was SO freaked out by that experience, I couldn't imagine bringing another animal into this environment until I was positive that we could provide a clean, healthy space.

5 Home Air Health Essentials to help Survive Farm Life

Home Air Health Essentialsvideo
Having a little farm, it turns out, is a LOT of work. Nate and the boys are constantly shuffling around wood and dirt and hay - and I'm in a never-ending battle to keep all of that stuff from getting tracked all over my floors, couches and even counters.

The Easiest Home Security Camera EVER

The Easiest Security Camera
Our house at the farm is a ranch-style setup. It's one single level, all spread out with everything pretty much visible from the porch. You basically walk into our house and it's like, "Oh hey, here's everything we own!"

How to Safely, Smartly put a TV in a Playroom

The kids have been begging for a TV in their playroom for awhile now. I've always reasoned that it's unnecessary because we have one in the living room and it makes for good family bonding time. Plus, frankly, I want to be in control of everything they're watching.

Preparing your Home for a Busy (and Germ-y!) Season

Home busy season
Back-to-school happenings are in full force around here, and it'll be the holiday season before you know it. We're preparing our home for one heck of a busy season, as several family members have moved recently and that means lots of houseguests are headed our way. Time to batten down the hatches and load up on ALL the supplies!

How to Paint a Door (the Right Way!)

Front doorvideo
We've been rolling right along with home renovations! One area I've been neglecting in a major way is the front door. We replaced the old oak door with a Craigslisted glass panel door awhile back, which really brightened the space up. The gal we bought it from, though, unfortunately let Pinterest woo her into chalk painting it. Chalk paint + front door = no go UNLESS you slap on a bunch of varnish to seal it afterwards.

14 Creative Ideas for an Outdoor Laundry Room

Gray laundry room, sink, washing machine
Our laundry room is getting a BIG makeover. Things have been a bit tight here at the Day farm as our household count rapidly grew from three to six (seven, if you count my nomad sister who's currently taking up the guest room). I've been mulling over the idea of an outdoor laundry room for awhile, and after visiting a ton of spots on the East Coast my wheels started turning.

Try this Easy Cat Toy Hack for a Clutter-Free Home

Easy Cat Toy Hack
Our cat Ulysses is going on 12 years old. He's precisely as old as our relationship!He was an indoor cat, and then an indoor-outdoor cat, and now he's back to being more of an indoor kinda guy as time passes. I guess the same thing tends to happen to people, too. This grandpa kitty isn't catching as many mice...

Our Kitchen Hub

Kitchen Hub
The kitchen is the hub. The one place in the home everyone can come together and be - for the most part - in the moment. From the ancient dirt-floored and open fire pit kitchens of old to the stainless steel and subway tile backsplash-adorned kitchens of today, everyone is drawn to this hallowed space. And for good reason.

The Instant Gratification of Work

Change is not something that comes easily to all of us. Change causes us to be uncomfortable and to feel uneasy. We are not often without discomfort in life, though. One of the many things that make us uncomfortable is the realization that nothing lasts forever. Our universe is ever folding, from in to out, out to in, like dough under the constant kneading and pressure of the baker's knuckles. Time, while relative, still follows along like a metronome. This holds true from the magnificent cosmos to the blades of grass growing in my field. It applies to everything from the physical to our very ideas and thoughts.